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    • In case the electricity from your provider suddenly have some issues like over voltage or down voltage, the box shuts down the miners immediately and keeps them off until the electricity, after the checking, is ok. Since the issues have gone, the box will turn on your miners. 

    • In case that your electricity provider, suddenly gives you unstable power, like on and off very fast, the box shuts down the miners immediately and keeps them off until the electricity, after the checking, is ok.


    • The box has a 3 thermostat system that checks in real time the temperature in 3 positions. The incoming air, the room air and the outgoing air, There are some limit temperatures set up by default that the box will turn off the miners for overheating protection if something happens. Below in step 6 you can see the limits of the temperatures. 


    • The box is sealed with soundproof materials so as you can achieve a quiet environment where your miners work without making so much noise. 


    • The box is designed through out a smart connectivity that if for some reason the electricity is off, you can still have access to the box. There is a UPS system connection that provides electricity to all the electrical panel, except the miners. That means all the other controllers in the main panel are powered from the UPS. Lan, switches, modem, mobile phone app hardware, thermostats, lights, electricity checking and your power pc slot are always having power through the UPS system. In result you can have access to your box remotely to check what has happened.​


    • Into the box (in the door panel) you will find 3 air filters. Air filtering is one of the most important things that can protect your miner's life. Therefore we supply the box with extremely industrial filters that will protect your miners from dust or anything else can go inside your hashboards. Statistically, a miner's life is increased to the maximum, when you have them into an air filtered environment. ​

    • Cleaning the filters is also an important thing to keep your box clean. We recommend you wash the filters every 40-60 days, depending on the quality of your incoming air in your place. 

    • Washing the filters with water and shampoo is the only way to wash them. We strongly recommend to  re-install the filters into the box after the have been into a dry condition. Remember to shut down the box during the time that you will remove the filters for washing them to avoid having any dust into your miners as long as the filters will not be onto the box.



Before you start anything, you need to provide an internet connection for the Box. 

You will need:

  • A Wifi modem router for providing wifi internet to the box

  • 1 ethernet cable to connect the box with your modem router.
    Plug an ethernet cable in the ethernet port outside the box and to your modem router so as the box connects to the Lan.

    *IMPORTANT. The box provides also a stable power supply for your modem, via a UPS system through a specific power port which is outside the box in the upper front panel next to the ethernet port. This is only for your modem power.


After that, the box is connected to the internet and all the ethernet cables inside the box are also ready used onto your miners


  • Into the box there is a huge and ready to use lan network with an ethernet switch for every 4 miners.

  • All the ethernet cables for your miners are into the box

  • You can restart (power on and off) the whole lan network with one button S3 (Go to Step #6 below)

Anti-Vibration rubbers

Inside the electrical panel there are 4 pvc anti-vibration rubbers. Before you set up your miners inside the box, you need to install them at the bottom of the 4 feet of the box. We suggest installing them before you set up the miners, because after that the box will be too heavy to do it.


Connect the main socket

Connect this socket with a cable. It’s important to have a professional technician to do it properly. Then, connect it upon the box, to the main socket and make sure you push it till the end properly




Since you have connected the AC to the main socket (Step2), the box is ready to operate. Before installing your miners inside the box, you must turn on the electric board so the box will be ready to use. You need to turn on the follows, on the electric board ​

  1. Turn ON: The UPS (There is a button in front of the UPS which is on the bottom inside the electric panel). The UPS gives power to all the electrical board except the miners. All the other things inside the board, are connected to the UPS power.

  2. Turn ON: No1, No2, No3, No4, No5, No16, No20 Turn ON: S1,S2,S3 (on Number 19)

  3. Turn ON: The machine slots, from No22 to No35 (No34 will open automatically)

    IMPORTANT. When you turn everything on, there will be a 1 minute delay for the box to start. This is the security "time delay" for every time you turn on and off the system, to avoid damaging the PSUs of your miners.
    So, one minute later, No13 will power on automatically. That means the AC has passed all the electricity tests. ​Now, all the machine slots on all floors are connected to the AC.

Screenshot 2022-01-28 at 6.01.25 PM.png



Working 24 machines at the same time is something something that needs some security settings to avoid burning any PSUs. Through out our experience we have seen that turning on and off the power supply too fast can damage the PSUs of the miners. We have add a special setting into the system that secure miners from that problem. If you turn off and then turn on the box fast, or if the AC power supply of your place has some issues and makes fast brakes, the box secures the PSUs by having them off for 1 minute before turning on again. So fro example if the AC has issues for a second, the box turn down everything and it waits till the AC issues end. Since the AC is ok, it will wait 1 MINUTE and then it will power on the miners again. Imagine your AC supplier do on and off for 3-4 times in some seconds. It is very harmful for the miners and for the PSUs also. 


Is to set the units that the B button will function


Is to set the number you want to have a time delay. 


a. If you set the A button to 1s and the B Button to 5, the time delay will be 5 seconds.

b. If you set the A button to 1mn and the B Button to 5, the time delay will be 5 minutes.

*The box comes to you with factory settings for 1 minute time delay. We strongly recommend you not to set a lower time delay.

Screenshot 2022-01-28 at 6_edited.jpg



Screenshot 2022-01-28 at 7.21.38 PM.png

IMPORTANT. Only 2.4 GHz wifi network is supported




This is the main controller of the box which controls everything and also provides a mobile APP for your smartphone remotely operation


S1 - AUTO - The box works completely automatic (default mode)

S2 - MODEM - The AC power for the modem socket

S3 - SWITCHES - The AC power for all the ethernet switches

S4 - PC&DISPLAY - The AC power for sockets No11 & No12

S5 - MANUAL24 - Turns everything on&off. Thermostats and AC checker doesn’t work

S6 - MANUAL 4 - Controls the 4 machines on the 6th floor, manually.



Turn on S1 and the system will start the AC and TEMPERATURE checking. If everything is ok, after the 1 minute, it will power on.


  • An AC invigilator is working in real time that checks the AC quality. On any, over or down voltage, the invigilator turns everything off immediately to avoid any issues on your miners. Since the AC issue goes away, the invigilator turns everything on again automatically. You don’t need to do anything. Every time the system turns off and on, there will always be the time delay to avoid fast off/on that can harm your miners

  • 3 THERMOSTATS are working to control everything in real time. *The Thermostats are already set on our factory settings, please do not change them.

Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 3.42.58 PM.png

ROOM AIR: Protects the whole box and the machines from any reason that can increase the room temperature For example a fire, or if any pipe suddenly disconnects and the hot air is going into the room. If this temperature goes above 38 °C the thermostat will turn off the whole system and it will turn on again only if the temperature goes below 34 °C.


INPUT AIR: Protects the whole box to work with the best efficiency. If input air temperature is too hot due to hot summer days, floor 6 is turned off for as long as the temperature is above 33 °C. When this temperature, drops below 30 °C the thermostat turns on the floor 6 again, automatically


OUTPUT AIR: Protects the whole box and the machines from any reason that can increase the output airflow. For example, if any garbage or something big goes into the input pipe, then the box will run out of fresh air, so the outgoing air temperature will increase dramatically and as a result it could burn any of your hash boards. So, if outgoing air goes above 58 °C the thermostat will turn off the whole system and it will turn on again only if the temperature goes below 40 °C.


Manual mode is only for technical support use.


TURN OFF S1 and then turn on S5 and S6. Now you are on MANUAL MODE. 

Working on manual mode, disables all the capabilities of the auto mode. That means the AC checking and the thermostats WILL NOT control the system. In manual mode, everything is ON until you decide to turn it OFF.

*We strongly recommend always operating the box in auto mode (S1=ON, S5=OFF, S6=OFF).

*If you first turn off the AUTO MODE before you enable the MANUAL MODE, the system will power off and will power on again.

*We strongly recommend, first turn on the Manual Mode (S5 & S6) and then turn off the Auto Mode (S1)


  1. Is it ok to work the box with less than 24 miners?
    -You can work the box with as many as miners you want, but if for example you have 2 slots empty (working with 22 miners) you will need to use some tape to seal very good, the empty holes to avoid hot air getting back into the box. 

  2. I receive notifications from the Master App that the box has restarted the internet connection. What is that?
    Every time that your internet connection will make a fast disconnection and reconnection, the master app will let you know about that. It's something that cannot affect the miners cause it is something that gets place very fast and it has to do with your internet connection. Most internet modem in the world do that fast disconnection and reconnection daily.

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